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Woman sounds excited to witness San Francisco plane crash


Incredible footage surfaced in the aftermath of the San Francisco Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash. But after the initial shock, we realized the woman’s reaction to the plane crash that could have killed hundreds was completely inappropriate.

Fred Hayes, an amateur plane-spotter, was recording aircraft landings on his cell phone when the crash occurred July 6.

While Fred filmed, he was remarking on the angle of the plane and reacts with shock when he realizes he could be witness to the death of countless travelers. But as the plane crashed and caught fire, his wife was more impressed that Fred got the footage on his phone.

“Oh, you’re filming it, too,” says Hayes’ wife. “You filmed the whole thing!”

Her reaction stunned the Dori Monson Show crew.

“She sounds so excited,” said Dori. “They’re watching a plane crashing, and she seemed to only be fascinated with her husband.”

Dori wonders: what if that woman had been married to the man who was covering the Hindenberg crash?

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