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Best Fourth of July movies


It’s usually Christmas that is associated with so many iconic, seasonal movies, but David Boze and the Dori Monson Show crew decided to compile a list of the best patriotic movies to watch on the Fourth of July.

Here’s a list of newsroom picks:

The Great Escape

As my pick, nothing beats an old war movie that shows how feisty Americans are. It’s a tale of the struggle and camaraderie of Americans in a German POW camp who tunnel out to escape. And you can’t beat Steve McQueen’s motorcycle chase scene – it’s even more impressive since he does his own stunts.

Dazed and Confused

Andrew Walsh says it’s about freedom (from school) as a bunch of high school seniors party their way into summer. Plus, it takes place during the U.S. bicentennial celebration year.

Band of Brothers

David Boze says it wasn’t even a contest. It’s not technically a movie, but David says he can’t make it through the opening credits without choking up at the emotion of the WWII classic. It has the hope, determination, sacrifice, and triumph of the Greatest Generation.


Erynn Rose loves this Patriotic movie about a group of people fighting for a nation that didn’t want them. It’s a powerful American Civil War story about the first US Army unit made up entirely of African American soldiers.

National Lampoon’s Vacation

When Traffic Reporter Kimi Kline thinks of the Fourth of July, she thinks summer vacation. And this movie is the pinnacle of all vacation movies.

Yankee Doodle Dandee

Tom Tangney wrote that this black and white classic has all the best patriotic music to get you in the mood for the Fourth. It’s a bio-pic, starring James Cagney, about George M. Cohan, who wrote many of the patriotic songs we know and love today.

Independence Day

Reporter Brandi Kruse knows the movie is cheesy, but Americans triumph over aliens at the end of the movie! It’s inspiring! And you can’t beat the President’s speech in this Will Smith classic.

Team America

News Anchor Val Stouffer loves this movie because it has great music, it’s funny, and it has the word America in it.

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