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Arizona ‘hotshot’ firefighter deaths hits home

Cassidy Steed (right), a Renton Police Department K-9 officer, says his brother Jesse (left) loved his job as a 'hotshot' firefighter. Jesse Steed died this week fighting a wildfire ravaging Arizona. (Image courtesy of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots)

The Yarnell Hill Wildfire has become one of the most deadly in U.S. history, spanning over 2,000 acres and killing 19 firefighters.

Among those 19 was Jesse James Steed.

His brother, Cassidy, is a Renton Police Department K-9 officer who released a statement saying that Jesse loved his job.

“He was the captain of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Fire Fighters Team for the last two years,” said Cassidy. “He was the most senior member of their team in both age and skill.”

Jesse was a 37-year-old former Marine who became a firefighter in 2000, and joined the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots in 2003, the first year they were established.

“All of Jesse’s crew also gave the ultimate sacrifice,” said Cassidy. “Now there are 19 families who are as grief-stricken and numb from their recent loss as I am. No amount of money will ever replace that brother, father, husband, loved one or friend.”

Jesse is survived by his wife, Desiree, and their two children, Caden and Cambria.

A memorial service will take place on Monday July 8 at 4 p.m. at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Activity Center in Prescott, Arizona. The service is open to the public.

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