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Why Dori thinks the Mariners shouldn’t fly the pride flag


The Seattle Mariners will be making history as the first team to fly the gay pride rainbow flag Sunday in honor of Seattle’s 39th annual Pride Parade.

Dori isn’t against gay marriage. He isn’t against gay people. But he doesn’t think the Mariners should fly the flag.

Watching a Mariners game should be an escape from the political feuding we see in the news every day; baseball shouldn’t be politically or culturally divisive.

Meanwhile, at the Cardinals’ Busch Stadium in St. Louis, fans and sports writers are up in arms about a cross and a number six carved in the pitcher’s mound.

The symbols were reportedly carved by a groundskeeper to honor the late great Stan Musial.

Yahoo Sports writer David Brown said it was inappropriate because, though privately owned, the stadium gets tax breaks.

“It’s not really their mound,” he writes. “Jews use that mound. Muslims (might) use that mound. Hindus and Sikhs. Hypothetically, Zoroastrians would use that mound. Diests use that mound. People with no god use that mound. Should the Cardinals really have to be reminded that not everyone is their religion?”

Dori thinks it’s a hypocritical stance to take.

“Man, if somebody said that about the gay Pride flag, they’d be haters. But if they say that about a cross, they’re enlightened.”


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