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Northwest company makes pork bullets to fight Jihadists

Jihawg Ammo is getting backlash internationally after they announced pork-infused bullets designed to send Muslim extremists to hell. (Photo:

A Northwest company is facing international backlash for its line of pork-infused bullets marketed for fighting Muslim extremists.

Jihawg Ammo, of Dalton Gardens, Idaho, sells bullets covered with pork-infused paint. They also sell hats, shirts, and targets with the Jihawg logo and slogans like “Peace through Pork.”

CEO of parent company South Fork Industries Brendon Hill told The Dori Monson Show that the bullets act as a deterrent to prevent violence by radicals that don’t fear death.

The bullets are described as a natural deterrent in the War on Terror “because the ammunition is ‘certified ‘Haraam’ or unclean…” and “will prevent their attaining entrance into heaven.”

Brendon compared the bullets to local governments giving out more concealed carry permits in high crime areas; if there are obvious consequences for violent criminals, the crime rates go down.

“Bad things happen in life, but if you’re prepared and have done the things to promote peace – peace does happen. Peace doesn’t happen by accident. Peace is caused,” says Brendon.

Dori thought it sounded like Brendon was generalizing about Muslims much like someone would draw parallels between average Christians and the Westboro Baptist Church. But Brendon says the bullets are for radicals bent on violence.

“We’re not going after Islam,” says Brendon. “This product is geared toward the folks who like to cut off heads.”

Dori asked listeners to call in with their opinions: is this way over the top, or just a mildly offensive novelty item?

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