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Video: Justin Bieber’s friends terrorize their gated neighborhood


Justin Bieber’s neighbors have been complaining that the pop star is a bad addition to the neighborhood, but now his friends have moved in, it’s gotten worse.

A neighbor was driving home when she interrupted a drag race between Bieber’s posse. She filmed the whole profanity-laden confrontation as she waits behind them to enter the neighborhood.

She explains she’s filming them because they were speeding far above the 25 mile an hours speed limit, but the friends just tell her to buzz off.

“You can leave now,” says one. “You got what you need, so you can leave now.”

Bieber’s friends have been getting a sweet deal riding on the coattails of the millionaire teen. Lil’ Twist and Lil’ Za share Bieber’s mansion in the exclusive gated community in Calabasa, Calif.

“They’ve hit this jackpot in life by being a little Bieber hanger-on,” said Dori. “They sound like quality kids.”

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