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Mr. Anonymous: Why our listeners hate their jobs

It's hard to believe that 70 percent of Americans either hate their job or are so checked out that they harm the company. But our listeners called in and told us their own work stories. (AP Photo)

A Gallup poll revealed that almost 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs, or are so checked out they harm the company. While we at the Dori Monson Show team love our work, we wanted to hear from listeners.

In the first four calls we heard from state workers – and we didn’t stack the calls. One teacher said her administration had become so rigid it was hard to teach.

“I was told to do things done a certain way, and nothing was mine anymore: not my classroom, not my students,” said Cindi.*

Two listeners called in saying they work for the military. One, a military recruiter in the Greater Seattle Area, said he hates the very people he’s recruiting as the next generation of American soldiers.

“I’m the best at customer service, or being a people person,” said Brian.

Finally, a listener who works at the Washington State Department of Revenue said his job bored him to death.

“I’ve been checked out for about two years now,” said Tim.

But even Jimmy, who works in the private sector, is getting more frustrated by the day with his job in outside sales. A large part of his job is driving, and he can’t stand how bad the traffic has gotten in the Seattle area.

Dori found it hard to believe that so many people could be so unhappy with their work.

“It makes me sad because I cannot imagine – as much time as we all put in to our jobs – I can’t imagine doing something I hate, taking up that big a chunk of my life,” said Dori.

*All names have been changed to protect the anonymity of callers.

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