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North Star Ford: The way the ratting-out-your-friend experience should be


A Canadian Ford dealership had one of the most creative – and possibly the most entertaining – responses to a theft that Dori has ever seen.

Marty Giles, the owner of North Star Ford in Fort McMurray, Alberta, made a radio commercial targeting a thief that stole tires and rims. He offered anyone with information leading to an arrest $10,000. He’ll also give $10,000 to a charity of the local police department’s choosing.

“You think one of your pals won’t turn you in for ten grand? Better return those, skippy,” he says. “I get a great deal on commercials and I’ll run them forever until you get caught. Is your friend really on his phone right now with his sister? Or maybe he was calling us to turn you in. You can’t be too sure.”

If the thief turns himself or herself in, he’ll “call off the posse, no harm, no foul.”

But in the meantime, Marty is running these great commercials and confusing Americans by saying “wood buffalo” a lot.

“North Star Ford: the way the ratting-out-your-friend experience should be,” Marty concludes.

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