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You are my sunshine: 66 years of love in a video


Eighty six-year-old James Pinegar thought he was dying, so he wanted to sing “You Are My Sunshine” to his wife one last time.

James was helping an elderly neighbor who had slipped and fallen on ice near their home in Utah, but ended up falling as well. While in the hospital for hip surgery, he contracted a blood infection, and he thought it was the end. But his wife of 66 years, Colleen, never left his side.

Their daughter, Linda Whittaker, caught them singing to each other in the video above. She says it’s their song; she grew up hearing them sing it to each other.

“And the good news: shortly after they recorded that, they told James that he was getting better, he was on the mend, and he’s back home with his wife, Colleen, of 66 years,” said Dori.

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