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Video: The worst customer ever at Dunkin Donuts


Warning: This video contains LOTS of profanity.

When the worst customer of all time meets the calmest, nicest Dunkin Donuts employee of all time and catches it on camera, it’s guaranteed to go viral.

Taylor Chapman went in to the store complaining that she didn’t get a receipt with her order and complained that the woman who served her the night before was rude to her.

“She is one of the most rude, ignorant, racist people you will ever see,” said Dori, “And the kid who’s helping her at Dunkin Donuts might be the nicest – I mean, the abuse he endures, he had nothing to do with her complaint.”

Many people online were speculating that Taylor must have been intoxicated.

The woman keeps muttering that she is recording and excited to post the video to Facebook. Every time the employee asks a question, she devolves into a profanity-laced rant and even accosts other patrons to tell them about her bad experience.

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