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Dad tramples son to try to get Kyle Seager grand-slam ball



While Kyle Seager’s game-tying grand slam may have been “unreal,” Dori thinks the dad caught on video trampling his son into the ground to try to catch the ball was just as shocking.

But the boy who did catch the ball saw the three-year-old crying and gave him the memento.

Darlene King was there with her husband, Mark, her sons, and some of her sons’ friends from his friends from little league.

They were at the incredible 15-inning game playing hooky from school to celebrate her twin sons’ birthday.

There were few people at the stadium in the thirteenth inning when Darlene and the boys were wandering around the stadium. The bases were loaded and Mark told the boys they might want to go down behind the center field fence – just in case.

“I saw that there was a little boy down there, and you know, he wasn’t on his feet. I was a little worries that it was one of our boys,” said Darlene.

She said there was a huge scramble and she saw the little boy go down. In the chaos her son’s friend, Zack Wilch, got the ball.

“The ball had headed down the bleacher seats toward left field at that point. And he came back with it and it,” said Darlene. “And it took a couple seconds for him to decide that the little boy who was crying was ultimately the one who should have the ball.”

Dori loves Zach’s gesture; when he was interviewed by KING 5 News, he just said it was the right thing to do. His teammates told Dori live on the show that Zach is just a really good sport.

Although Dori and Darlene can laugh about the incident now that they know nobody got hurt, he does wonder what kind of dad would go through his own kid to go get a baseball.

“I think the father of the kid who got trampled should go get a baseball and find Zack and give it to Zack,” he said.

Watch Kyle Seager’s epic grand slam:

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