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Mom tries to get Internet to pay daughter after pool-jumping injury


Carrie Yunker has been facing backlash after trying to get people to donate to a crowd-funding site to pay her daughter’s day-to-day expenses. Her daughter, Nicole Easton, will be in a wheelchair for six months after breaking her feet trying to jump from her roof into a pool.

Carrie says she won’t be able to work, and doesn’t want her to have to move back home, so she asked friends online for $4,200 to pay for Nicole’s rent, cell phone, car insurance, and more. So far they’ve raised almost $2,000.

But Dori thinks this is going too far – if you do something careless, you should face the consequences.

And Dori isn’t alone. Carrie had to disable the comment section on the site because so many people were bashing her and her daughter.

“It’s been harassment so bad,” she said. “I’ve gotten a death threat.”

Carrie says she wasn’t asking strangers to pay her daughter’s bills; friends and family asked to help, and she thought using a website would be the easiest way.

“I don’t know how I ended up there, but I did. And it was meant to be sent out to my 134 Facebook friends and family. In order to put the video on the Go Fund Me site, I had to post it on YouTube,” said Carrie.

Mom and daughter have received major publicity for the video with dozens of calls from the likes of MTV and Good Morning America.

Dori wanted to know why Nicole wouldn’t just move back home to save money while she recovers instead of asking friends, family, and Internet strangers for money.

“When you got rid of your teen, would you want them moving back home? I mean, honestly, she graduated from high school, she was working a full time job,” said Carrie. “And I don’t want her back in my house!”

What you’re saying on Facebook:

Merry Ogre: Why would people support someone who behaved like an idiot and broke both of her feet? I’d call this a “life lesson”.

James Barr: What an idiot. The only people dumber than her are the ones giving money to this.

Michael Munsey: “I’m not concerned about her being there, because I know they are taking good care of her.”
Ma’am, have you seen the video?

Lisa Blanchard: Really, is there no end to sense of entitlement and total lack of responsibility of some people?? Not to mention total stupidity!

Brandon Barkell: I don’t know why everybody is all up in arms about paying her bills. It’s not like shes telling people to pay for her. It’s a donation and people can give to whomever and whatever they want… Nobody put a gun to anybody’s head. I won’t be donating on part of her stupidity but if my neighbor wants to I wouldn’t give either of them grief about it.


Sarah Wood: my first thought is What the Hell?! but then, one of my little life-mantras is “you don’t get what you don’t ask for”
she is receiving a ton of negative feedback, and I think they are all idiots… but, if someone, somewhere, wants to help them out financially?! well then… it worked, didn’t it? good ol’ Internet. lol

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