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Faces of Diet Coke: It’s just as bad for your teeth as meth

Just six years ago Dori looked young and carefree - until he developed an awful Diet Coke habit.

It’s news Dori didn’t want to hear: studies now show that drinking too much diet soda is just as bad for your teeth as a methamphetamine addiction.

“Regular soda is also harmful to your teeth, but researchers say diet soda drinkers tend to have a lot more every day. And the problem is that diet soda is more acidic than regular soda and that acid is the common link between the effects of drugs and of soda on your teeth,” said news anchor Ursula Reutin.

The studies compare diet soda’s effects to an addiction to meth or crack cocaine.

Dori immediately started comparing the Faces of Meth photos with his own image; six years ago he was handsome and carefree. But that was all before his unshakeable addiction to Diet Coke.

He’s been drinking it for years and constantly debates whether to grab another ice cold “DC” during commercial breaks.

“And the Diet Coke devil always wins the debate,” said Dori.

Here are some before-and-after photos of meth addicts below. How do they compare to Dori’s transformation?



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