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Name that protester: ‘Pregnant’ Occupier was back at it on May Day

Jennifer Fox (pictured far right with skateboard) is known for her accusation that Seattle police caused her to have a miscarriage during an Occupy Seattle rally in November 2011. She is shown here feet away from a man who Seattle police say is wanted for assault and rioting in connection with the riots on May 1, 2013. (Seattle Police Dept.)

Hours before violence and vandalism broke out on the streets of downtown Seattle this May Day, a protester known for her past accusations against the police department said she planned to stay far away from all the action.

But on Thursday, when police released photos of those wanted in connection with the May Day melee, 20-year-old Jennifer Fox was right in the mix.

Fox, who claimed excessive force by police officers caused her to miscarry her 3-month-old fetus during an Occupy Seattle protest in November 2011, told KIRO Radio the morning of May 1, 2013 that she would stay away from nefarious activity.

“I’m probably going to stay out of the pepper spray and the bear Mace and all that stuff,” she told KIRO Radio’s Brandi Kruse during a morning rally at Westlake Park.
So why is Fox pictured feet away from a man wanted in connection with assault on a police officer and rioting? In the photo, several protesters, including Fox, appear to be surrounding an officer in riot gear.

“I’ve lost track of all the nonsense we’ve heard from this woman,” Dori said on the Big Lead Friday. “I hope she’s not with child again in the midst of all that action.”

Although pictured in the photo, Fox is not wanted in connection with any crime related to May Day.

During the interview that day, Fox also told Kruse that she stands by her claim that SPD officers caused her to have a miscarriage by kicking her in the stomach and throwing a bike at her during a November 2011 Occupy protest in Seattle.

“What do you want to say to Seattle police?” Kruse asked.
“(Expletive) them.”

Fox went on to say recovering from the miscarriage has been a “long, long, long process.”

But, as KIRO Radio first reported, there was no evidence that Fox lost a child at the hands of SPD. In fact, she had a history of claiming she was “three months pregnant” when facing arrest. Fox repeatedly denied requests that she provide medical documentation to support her claim and never followed through on a lawsuit she said she would file against the department.

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