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Video: Couple outshines Tonight Show hosts with Pumpcast News karaoke


Dori loves this video of a couple caught unawares at the gas pump by The Tonight Show’s Pumpcast News sketch showed up Jay Leno on his own show.

Will Sims was singing to himself while pumping gas at a Burbank, California gas station when the TV at the pump suddenly started talking to him.

Comedian Tim Stack asked him to sing for the cameras in exchange for a tank of gas – and Will obliged, belting out Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer.

Will’s wife, Monifa, is in the passenger’s seat at the gas station laughing hysterically.

“He’s talking to that little screen above the pump, and that’s just what it looks like from far away: he looks like a crazy person singing to the pump,” said Producer Jake.

But when Monifa comes out of the car to see what he’s doing, she joins right in singing Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics.

“Have you ever seen a couple who just is more natural on camera this, or funnier?” said Jake?

“And who looks like they’re more in love?” said Dori. “I mean, they just look like they are completely in love with each other.”

Jay Leno followed it up by bringing the couple on his show for more karaoke.

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