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Did psychic, TV host help kill Cleveland kidnap victim’s mom?

Amanda Berry, right, hugs her sister Beth Serrano after being reunited in a Cleveland hospital, May 6, 2013. (Family HO/WOIO-TV/AP Photo)

There were plenty of celebrations Monday night in Cleveland after three women kidnapped a decade ago escaped their captors and reunited with their families.

But one person who wasn’t around to celebrate was Amanda Berry’s mother. Louwana Miller died in 2006, three years after her daughter disappeared and one day before the girl’s 17th birthday.

Miller reportedly held out hope her daughter would be found, even buying Christmas presents for Berry two years after her disappearance.

But those hopes seemed to be dashed during a desperate appearance on the Montel Williams TV show.

Celebrity psychic Sylvia Brown told Miller her daughter was dead. “They are in heaven on the other side,” Brown said.

It reportedly broke the woman’s heart. She died of heart failure at just 44.

That isn’t sitting well with KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson, who lambasted both Brown and Williams for subjecting Miller to the humiliation and pain of claiming her daughter was dead.

“The fact that he got so far deep into the sewer that he brings this grieving mom on to have some phony psychic tell her that her daughter’s dead…it’s despicable,” said Monson.

“That part of this story just sickens me that they conspired for the sake of his ratings to try and deepen this mother’s grief.”

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