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Video: News anchor has worst first day of work ever


Rookie news anchor AJ Clemente had a rough first day at the NBC news affiliate KFYR-TV in in Bismarck, North Dakota, when he loose a string of profanity before his first on-air report.

“It sounds like he’s maybe going to get out all his swears before he goes on air,” said producer Jake. “Like it he doesn’t get ’em all out they’re somehow going to seep into the interview or something.”

David Boze, filling in for Dori, thought the awkward aftermath of the news anchor’s gaffe was almost as bad as the curse words caught on-air.

Both AJ and his co-anchor Van Tieu stumble through their introductions. When asked to tell the audience a little bit about himself, AJ says “I’m used to being from the east coast.” Then they transition into a story about a fatal ATV crash.

“When you say the f-bomb on the air in the first seconds of your television job, you lose your job”, said David. “He didn’t even have one full second on the job before he said the f-bomb.”

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