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Video: Family calls I-5 backup during police chase ‘best Easter ever’


A family was stuck in a backup on Interstate 5 near Marysville Easter Sunday when a man tried to fight off police officers.

The family caught the whole thing on video, but now many people are criticizing them for enjoying someone else’s pain, saying the parents were setting a bad example for their children.

But Dori saw the video and thought it was exactly what his family would do: made the best of a bad situation.

Lynn said she and her family were driving home from Easter festivities that evening when they got caught in traffic. They were a captive audience as they realized there was a man running through traffic without pants.

Viewers can hear her two teenagers, her eight-year-old daughter, her three-year-old nephew, her brother, and her husband all laughing as the man dodges police.

Police arrived at the scene and tried to subdue the man, tackling him and using their tasers – four times. But the man gets right back up and dances around.

“He is not going down,” said one of the girls in the video. “What is that? Is that pepper spray? Oh my God, he just doesn’t even care!”

“Look, they’re zapping him again,” said Lynn’s brother. “There’s nothing we can do right now, so just enjoy it.”

Some viewers didn’t think it was so funny, and hundreds have commented online telling Lynn how terrible it was to laugh at a man who was obviously either mentally ill or on drugs. As soon as Dori played the video at the beginning of the show, he also started getting impassioned emails.

“You are a disgusting human being,” wrote listener Sarah Rose. “How would you feel if it were your brother or father or son being hit with a tazer and people were teaching their children to laugh at it. “Oh, look, honey, the police are killing that man! Isn’t that the funniest thing ever??” Ha, ha. You make me sick.”

But Dori thought it was harmless fun.

“I love that,” said Dori, “‘They’re electrocuting him, dear.'”

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