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King County Metro Transit’s attempted tax grab


Dori writes…

Metro Transit says it needs to hike our taxes $75 million a year to avoid drastic cuts in service.

I say, bring on those drastic cuts to pay for their deficit.

It is outrageous that Metro is once again turning to the taxpayers for a massive tax hike. According to the Seattle Times, Metro riders pay only 27% of operating costs for their rides – most of the other 73% comes from sales taxes.

Not only that but, according to a King County Government study:

“…The average household income of King County riders is about $73,000, compared with the King County average of $67,000.”

So, the average Metro rider earns more than the average citizen, but they need the average citizens to subsidize their rides even more? Why can’t they pay more of their fair – and fare – share?

Also, if the Metro Transit employees care so much about the riders and the routes, how about if we have Metro management take pay cuts… or small reductions in medical and pension benefits?

Or how about if the drivers save the jobs of their brothers and sisters whose jobs would be eliminated with these cutbacks? Every tax hike is a pay cut for the taxpayers.

You want one more stat? In the 2013-14 King County biennial budget, we have allocated $186 million for the County Roads Fund – but a staggering $1.36 BILLION for public transportation – that’s eight time more for transit than for roads. This is completely out of balance.

Instead of us taking a pay cut with higher taxes, how about if the riders and providers take a tiny cut and we close the gap that way?

Or… just eliminate the runs that nobody is riding. I’d be okay with that too.

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