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When does beauty start to fade?

If one survey is to be believed, 28-year-old Scarlett Johanssen is fast approaching her peak attractiveness at age 31. (AP Photo)

Dori was perusing his latest copy of Allure when he saw a survey asking when women reach peak of physical beauty.

The survey concluded that women reach their peak at 31. While men reported feeling their most confident between 50 and 69 years old, the survey didn’t ask when men start to lose their looks.

Dori didn’t think the numbers were far off. He thinks that most women reach their peak physical beauty at 30, and men reach their peak in their late 30s. But he says it’s the rare Sean Connery or Paul Newman that can stay beautiful into their 70s, as men reported feeling.

“But I don’t think women care about physical beauty as much in men,” said Dori.

Social media captain Jillian is young and shallow at 23 years old. She thinks men’s physical beauty peaks at age 26, while women peak around 34 years old.

But News anchor Ursula Reutin was hesitant to give a specific age at which men and women peak. She just thought that as couples get older it’s the fairer sex that stays more attractive.

“After the 20 year reunion to me it was very clear which gender was better preserved. Definitely the women,” said Ursula.

Producer Jake agreed with her: it’s hard to pick a number because there are so many factors that play into attractiveness.

“I think it’s tough to say specifically,” said Jake. “Because people do treat their bodies differently at all different ages. Maybe somebody at their mid-20s doesn’t work out. But in their 30s maybe that’s something they get really into.”

Dori admitted that there’s more variability these days. In generations past men and women often didn’t exercise in their older years, and many didn’t take as much care of their appearance as they got older.

“I remember when I was in high school. My mom, my friend’s moms, they all looked like old women – a generation ago,” said Dori. “I see my wife and the women she runs with and they’re beautiful!”

What you’re saying on Facebook:

Adolph Rivas: Sofia Loren was the bomb at 65.

Gene Hendrix: No single man in his right mind would answer this question

Lance Norton: Completely from an average age I think that for women the age would be 32 and for men 38. Some people have their best days as they get older, some are heading down the slope by 28 for either sex.

Bryan Bowlby: My wife is 47 and gets more beautiful everyday… I can’t keep my hands off her!!!

Corey Kleinman: Exceptional fitness and nutrition can add up to 5 more years

David H. Wilson: Ages 50-69 are when men are at their highest earnings. Yes women are that shallow.

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