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Yet another pathetic example of political correctness

Dori would like you to dye "system-wide-closed-day eggs" with your kids this year. (Image courtesy listener Dick)

Dori writes…

Our fine local libraries are bastions of free thinking, open-mindedness, and direct communication right?

Well, you be the judge.

Listener Dick went to the Lynnwood library Wednesday evening and saw a perplexing sign. It said the library “would be closed Sunday, March 31 because it was historically a low use day.”

Hmm … why would Sunday, March 31st be a “low use day?”

Could it be because that’s the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of their Lord? What’s the word we use for that day?

Oh yeah – (shhhhh) Easter.

Apparently, that’s a word that is not allowed to be said at these centers of free speech. Here’s how it’s worded at the SnoIsle Libraries website:

The following holidays will be observed by the Library. All Libraries and the Service Center will be closed on these days.


January 1, 2013 – New Year’s Day

January 21, 2013 – Martin Luther King’s Birthday

February 18, 2013 – President’s Day

March 31, 2013 – This is not an observed holiday, but it is a system-wide closed day

May 27, 2013 – Memorial Day

July 4, 2013 – Independence Day

September 2, 2013 – Labor Day

October 7, 2013 – Staff Inservice Day

November 11, 2013 – Veteran’s Day

November 28, 2013 – Thanksgiving Day

December 24, 2013 – Christmas Eve – All Community Libraries will close at 3:00 pm

December 25, 2013 – Christmas Day

December 31, 2013 – New Year’s Eve – All Community Libraries will close at 5:00 pm

So, they can name every holiday except Easter? How in heaven’s name (no pun intended) are they still able to call Christmas “Christmas?”

I would actually like all of my listeners to follow this fine example. I would like you to dye “system-wide-closed-day eggs” with your kids this year.

And tell them to await the arrival on March 31 of the “system-wide-closed-day bunny.”

As for me, I’m going to buy my wife and daughters “system-wide-closed-day bonnets” for that joyous morning when we go to the “system-wide-closed-day sunrise service.”

Our libraries have become interesting places – where any creep off the street can view porn in the name of “protected free speech,” but we need euphemisms for the most sacred of Christian holidays.

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