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No one wants Hank the dog to die, so why will he be euthanized?

(Photo via Attorney Adam Karp)
LISTEN: Pet Attorney: Hank the Dog is not "dangerous"

Hank the dog is accused of attacking goats and a horse a few years ago, and now he’s on death row.

The shelter in Lewis County, where Hank was surrendered to, didn’t want the pit-bull terrier to be euthanized, so they renamed him Hank (originally Tank). A new family adopted him, but it’s too late. The shelter is facing charges for renaming the dog and adopting him out. Now Hank faces death again.

Attorney Adam Karp, represents Hank’s current owner. “My client, totally unaware of the history, adopted this beautiful little dog, who had a chew toy in his mouth and wag in his tail took him home in Jan. 2017.”

Karp said three months later, detectives showed up at the door and said they needed to take the dog over a legal issue.

“We sprang into action and took every step you could imagine to try and save his life,” Karp said. A judge has upheld the dangerous designation and says Hank still needs to be euthanized.

Steven, the owner of the animals that Hank attacked, said the dog was just following the actions of his mother. He also doesn’t want Hank to be euthanized.

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