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Internet outrage as mom arrested for letting toddler smoke pot


Dori was floored when online commenters said they were outraged not at a mother who let her toddler smoke marijuana, but at the police for arresting her.

“It’s like the most wacko comments I’ve ever seen,” said Dori. “I’m as skeptical of government as anyone, but almost every comment was against arresting a mom who let her 10-month-old allegedly smoke pot from a bong.”

The Centralia mom, who has not been identified, was arrested for allegedly letting her 10-month-old toddler inhale marijuana smoke from a bong.

KING 5 News reported that police found 40 marijuana plants, as well as guns. Child Protective Services took custody of the toddler and another child. KOMO news later released the cell phone video that prompted police action.

Dori thought the story itself was bizarre, until he read the comment section at the bottom; most of the comments supported the mom and expressed outrage at her arrest.

The anonymous commenters said that the mom was being persecuted for her marijuana grow operation, and that police shouldn’t interfere with her parenting:

“I think it’s amazing that the state will dictate what parents can and can’t give their children. I’m sorry, but I don’t see a reason to remove this child from their parents and put it into state custody. They’ve probably completely ruined a family. So they were growing a plant…BIG DEAL. It doesn’t make them bad parents,” read one comment, from user CollegeKid.

“So true there andyblue555 Sorry Cop Loosers brake all kinds of department policys everyday up there in wa state the people in wa state love to live in a Natzi Police state Corruption at is best in seattle and on down to Portland oregon. Andyblue555 the people in seattle are on drugs and are Crazy thats a known fact,” wrote user William_Stewcf8.

Dori remembers a story just a few years ago about a mother arrested after posting a picture to Facebook of her child taking a bong hit. Her parenting drew widespread outrage.

“Maybe it’s just that we need visuals these days,” he said.

But Producer Jake suggested that many people just don’t see marijuana as a drug anymore, especially since its legalization in Washington State.

“Do you think these people would feel a little different if there was a picture of the kid taking a puff of a cigarette?”

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