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My new crusade: We need a new state motto!

Washington's viticulture community is lobbying to allow minors in wine making programs to be able to taste wine, so Dori thinks we should change our state motto to: "Sip...swirl...but don't swallow." (AP Photo)

Dori writes…

In these divisive times, I’ve been looking for a cause to champion that can bring together our citizens regardless of their political and social beliefs. I think I have found it.

Don’t the people of our state deserve a state motto that reflects our hearty, pioneer spirit?

Other states have great, inspiring mottos:

– Iowa: “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”

– New Hampshire: “Live free or die”

– New Jersey: “Liberty and prosperity”

– West Virginia: “Mountaineers are always free”

And what is the Washington state motto?

“Al-ki” which means “by and by”.

By and by? What a wimpy state motto. We need a motto that more accurately reflects the people of our state and our divine leadership in Olympia.

This week, the state legislature moved forward with a bill that will allow 18-to-20-year-olds to taste alcohol in college classes – AS LONG AS THEY DON’T SWALLOW THE BOOZE!!!

As one member of our legislature said: “they will be allowed to savor the wine, as long as they spit it out”.

As soon as I heard that, I realized, that would be the foundation for a great new state motto that more accurately reflects our people and these times.

And so, this is my new crusade. I want to change our state motto from “Al-ki” to…

“Washington: Sip…swirl…but don’t swallow”

You can take it literally… or you also also interpret it as advice to visitors: “Come enjoy our mountains and rivers – but then, get the heck out!”

It will instantly be the greatest state motto in this great nation of ours. I’ll need all the help I can get. Are you with me in my new crusade?

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