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Lauren Silberman, first woman at NFL combine, didn’t make the cut


When Lauren Silberman became the first woman invited to try out as a kicker at an NFL combine this weekend, many hailed it as a huge win for women in athletics. But after her dismal tryout, Dori says he’s seen much better – even if he thinks no woman would have made the team.

Dori explains that even the best women fall short of some of the best men in athletics. In football, it’s also a safety issue because of weight and height differences.

Lauren Silberman was discovered after nailing a series of trick shots.

Lauren said in interviews before the tryout that she thought she had a good shot, saying she’d be practicing her 60 yard field goal kicks. But at the combine she could barely get the ball off the ground. Her first kick went 19 yards, and the second went 13 yards.

After that, she left the field with an injury.

But Good Morning America has hailed her as a hero for “breaking through the glass ceiling.” Dori thinks that her poor performance might mean she was just trying to get attention.

“I wanted to root for her because she sounded very personable,” said Dori. “She has her master’s from MIT, she’s a very accomplished person. But this just seemed like someone who wanted to get famous for a few minutes and didn’t mind humiliating herself.”

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