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Dori thinks the Girl Scout cookie vandalism story is a hoax

Around $2,500 in Girl Scout cookies were destroyed when vandals hit a Monroe home. (AP Photo/file)

A family in charge of their troop’s stock of Girl Scout cookies reported that vandals had destroyed over $2500 worth of cookies. People reacted in shock: who would do such a thing to innocent Girl Scouts?

That’s why Dori thinks the whole story is a hoax.

“If I’m wrong, I’m a horrible horrible, awful person,” said Dori.

Cookie mom Dee Brown said that she was storing her troop’s cookies in her family’s garage at their home in Monroe. When she looked in on the cookies she saw that they were covered in paint and oil. Some of her husband’s tools and her children’s toys had also been destroyed.

Authorities said they suspected a group of teenagers had been looking for money. When they didn’t find any, they trashed the cookies.

But Dori thinks the story doesn’t all add up. He thinks it’s the latest hoax designed to get sympathy – and money – from the community, in the form of possible internet charity donations.

“How do we know it was teenagers? Did he see them? Who breaks into a garage looking for money? And how do they know that’s what they were looking for,” asked Dori. “But if you’re going to break in someplace looking for money, nobody keeps money in the garage. And yet, every single story I’ve seen says three teenagers broke into the garage looking for money.”

News anchor Ursula Reutin tried to think like the suspected thieves and suggested the teens may have been looking for the troop’s cookie profits.

Still, Dori doesn’t buy it. If the suspects didn’t find money, why would they trash the cookies? Why wouldn’t they steal them for the resale value, or just eat them?

“There’s more to this story, and maybe we just don’t have all the details,” said Ursula. “But there are a lot of holes in this story.”

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