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Dori’s whistling challenge

Dori tries to whistle... and fails. (Photo: Jillian Raftery/

A news story had Dori and producer Jake arguing over who is the best whistler, and planning a huge whistle-off Dori has now called his worst day of broadcasting in 18 years.

It all started when a story broke about a man in Portland, Maine who was arrested for his extra-loud, extra-annoying whistling around town.

The Portland Press Herald reported that Robert Smith, 32, walked the town every day, and whistled while he walked. But too-loud whistling is codified in the city’s law as disorderly conduct. So the man was arrested and a judge ordered that he keep walking whenever he’s whistling, never pausing in front of a business, or face further prosecution.

Dori couldn’t resist boasting about his whistle. He even claimed he could make a living just by opening a “whistle shop” where he would charge admission so people could stand and listen to him.

Jake wouldn’t let it go, and the ensuing contest left Dori humiliated; he couldn’t get any noise out when he tried to whistle. It was a case of whistle-fright that left Dori sweating and nervous. But most of all, he was embarrassed at losing.

Listen to the full whistling debacle.

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