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Most unreliable mass transit ever?

For every $11 a rider spends on tickets, the taxpayers spend $89 to subsidize their ride. (File Photo)

– Dori writes…

Sound Transit has proven to be one of the most wasteful, biggest-ripoff public agencies in our nation’s history.

With Sunday night’s news that the Sounder train between Everett and Seattle will once again be shut down through at least Tuesday, I also have to ask: Is this the most unreliable mass transit system ever?

In 2012, the Sounder train had a staggering 122 cancellations. They’re picking up right where they left off in 2013.

This is an agency that was built on lies. They are billions of dollars over budget. The light rail line is miles short of what they promised voters. Ron Sims lied to me and my listeners about their funding when they got gullible voters to cough up more money for Phase II.

When selling the Sounder train, their ridership projections were about double what they are actually delivering – another ridiculous pack of lies to squeeze more money from already strapped citizens.

And the cost? According to Crosscut:

Last year the Sounders’ recovery ratio – that is, the percentage of expenses defrayed by fares… only 11 percent for the Everett route, according to a September COP report.

In other words, for every $11 a rider spends on tickets, the taxpayers spend $89 to subsidize their ride!

Meanwhile, last week, the mayors from 40 cities in our state called on the state to increase the gas tax another eight-cents/gallon and to raise the car tabs fee. Because, you know, we’re not giving them enough money and they’ve already cut to the bone.

How about if we pull the plug on the Sounder train and use that money for real needs?

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