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Reporter Jessica Sanchez gets the best of photobombing drunk 49ers fan


Many people are now saying this confrontation between an Orlando reporter and video-bombing drunk 49ers fan was staged.

Jessica Sanchez, a reporter with WKMG in Orlando, was in New Orleans filming a live story on the run-up to the Super Bowl when a drunk ’49ers fan started talking right behind her in the camera shot.

Sanchez, fed up, gave the woman her five seconds of fame with a zinger, asking the unnamed woman how long she had had an STD. The statement seemed spontaneous, but some are criticizing Sanchez, saying it was faked. Some who think the reporter’s reaction was real are calling for her resignation because she was rude to the ’49ers fan.

Dori thinks this the clip was real, and that the reporter’s reaction was gutsy and appropriate.

News anchor Ursula Reutin can understand why Sanchez reacted the way she did. She thinks Sanchez planned what she was going to say, and just decided to embarrass the next person who interrupted her.

“Any TV reporter will tell you that it’s so frustrating, when you’re doing a live shot you get those people,” said Ursula, “you have to deal with these people who want to interrupt your live report.”

Despite online commenters who are siding with the drunk ’49ers fan, producer Jake thinks the rowdy woman had it coming.

“It serves people right for interrupting a live shot,” said Jake.

Some commenters are saying that Sanchez should be fired for making fun of the drunk football fan, while others say she deserves a raise. What do you think?

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