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Priceless: A fan hug-tackled by LeBron James


A fan got what some Dori Monson Show listeners are calling the best hug of all time during Friday’s Miami Heat game.

Fifty-year-old Michael Drysch, a computer technician from Illinois, was picked randomly out of thousands of other fans at halftime to try to make a half-court shot. It was the chance to win $75,000.

Drysch won the $75,000 with a dramatic sideways hook shot, but it seemed that nobody was more excited than LeBron James, who tackled Drysch to the ground in a massive hug.

“He probably enjoyed the hug from LeBron more than the money,” says one of the game announcers.

“The longest sky hook in American Airlines Arena history, and maybe the greatest hug,” says the other announcer.

Now a viral sensation, Drysch reportedly spent the rest of the night partying in a Miami nightclub with the team.

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