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Dori throws down the gauntlet: Bring Billy Joel to the show or else

Amy, the original social media captain of the Dori Monson Show, sent Dori a signed photo of his hero, Billy Joel, for his birthday. Now Dori is upping the ante and challenging Jillian to bring Billy Joel on the show.

Dori got the best birthday present ever today when he checked his mailbox at work for the first time in a month.

Amy, the original Dori Monson Show social media captain, who now works for KIRO TV, sent Dori a signed picture of his hero, Billy Joel.

“She probably sent away and said I’m friends with a little girl named Dori, who is a big fan,” said producer Jake.

Dori threw down the gauntlet, daring producer Jake and me to top Amy’s effort: get Billy Joel on the show – or else!

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