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Video: Officer pretending to punch suspect is suspended


Dori often defends local police officers accused of brutality when he thinks they are facing suspects who aren’t cooperating. But Dori can’t defend the actions of Officer Clayton Powell.

“It’s physically intimidating someone who’s already in handcuffs,” said Dori. “I don’t see any way you can justify that.”

The Seattle Police Department released the video of Powell in conjunction with an investigation into allegations of brutality. In the video Powell appears to be threatening to punch a man who is under arrest.

The man is handcuffed and sitting motionless on a bench in a holding cell when Powell enters and dramatically pulls back his arm in the wind-up for a punch.

Officer Powell was reportedly upset after the suspect spit on him during an altercation earlier.

“Is it the worst thing that he kind of did a check-punch on him?” asked producer Jake.

Dori wants you to decide: should we be fine with police officers physically intimidating a handcuffed suspect with the threat of violence?

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