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Dori and Jake are really sick

Dori and Jake put on SARS masks to make sure they don't infect the few people in the building that aren't already sick. (Jillian Raftery/

The Center for Disease Control always release warnings during flu season to warn people to stay home from work if they get really sick. Dori and Jake, however, ignored the CDC’s warnings for the sake of Dori Monson Show listeners.

“I had to peel myself out of bed,” said producer Jake. “I’ve actually never heard you as sick as you were when you walked into the office.”

And they took precautions, as anyone who watched the KIRO Radio live video stream could see; they were considerate enough to wear cotton face masks.

Still, everyone from KIRO Radio’s programming director to Jake told Dori not to go to work.

“It’s the day after the Seahawks game, that’s what everyone wants to talk about,” said Dori. “So I have to come in to do the show. They’re paying me for today! I can’t let them pay me for laying on the couch.”

The virus hit Dori at 2 a.m. Saturday, just a week after he had finally gotten his flu shot. By the end of Sunday afternoon’s Seahawks game Dori was miserable.

“I’ve been burning the candle at both ends,” said Dori. “You know, doing the show, doing the Seahawks, doing the coaching, and so it’s like 100-plus hours a week between the three.”

To top it all off, the only flight Dori could take to get to Seattle on time for the show was a flight on Monday at 6:30 a.m. Eastern Time. That meant setting his alarm for the equivalent of 1:15 a.m. Seattle time.

Jake and Dori are trying not to breathe on anyone, but we’re all still taking precautions.

“I’m just going to keep disinfecting everything,” said news anchor Ursula Reutin.

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