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Alex Jones accuses CNN’s Piers Morgan of gun control conspiracy


Alex Jones made it clear that he didn’t like CNN’s Piers Morgan when he petitioned the US government to deport him. But last night when Jones appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight to explain himself, he went ballistic and accused Morgan of being part of a world-wide conspiracy to control Americans through gun control.

Dori believes in healthy protections of our second amendment rights, but he thinks Alex Jones is on another level, which bordered on the theatrical during his interview.

“Alex Jones, I think, is way out there on the fringe,” says Dori.

In the video the two are uncomfortably close, sitting face-to-face on bar stools as Jones starts yelling about communist dictators from Stalin to Mao.

Ultimately Jones comes off as totally unreasonable, speaking in an English accent about how the American government planned the 9/11 attacks.

The interview was so over-the-top that it has some people wondering if the confrontation was a publicity stunt.

“I think he looks like a fool,” said Dori. “But people are talking about Piers Morgan’s show for the first time in forever.”

But Jones doesn’t seem to regret anything, especially given his post-interview video uploaded YouTube.

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