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Video: Seattle kid turns washing machine into musical magic

Most parents do all they can to keep their boys from banging on everything they can get their hands on. But when Jonathon Corollo starts drumming on the the washing machine at the family’s Seattle home, it’s music to her ears.

Now, it’s also music to millions of others, who’ve turned a video of the 10-year-old getting percussive with the appliance into a viral hit.

“I’d say he plays most things he comes in contact with. Because he was thumping on so many objects we did get him a drum set about a year and a half ago,” Susan Corollo told guest hosts Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster on the Dori Monson Show.

Occasionally, there’s some competition when mom actually has to do a load. But you can count on one thing: there’s nothing gentle about Jonathon’s cycle.

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