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Dori Awards 2012: Westboro Baptist Church, drunk Bellevue cops the biggest jerks of the year

You nominated the competitors and voted on the top five most annoying jerks of the year and now it’s time to announce the winners.

Winning by a mile, the drunk Bellevue Police officers took the gold. The officers, who harassed fans at a Seahawks game and a Seattle Police officer outside the stadium, were in the news for weeks.

Our national Dori Award winner, the Westboro Baptist Church, was nominated after they threatened to protest the Newtown massacre victims’ funerals.

The local Dori Award runners up were Jay Inslee, Mayor Mike McGinn, The “D-Mail,” and Phoenix Jones. National Dori Award runners up included Piers Morgan, the Republican Party, Bill Maher, and Joe Biden.

We can’t all be such big, annoying jerks, but we all must recognize excellence when we see it.

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