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Dori can relate to the Fox News host grieving his dog’s death on-air


Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, announced that he had a sad personal story to share in his latest national television appearance December 9.

“I hope you don’t mind my sharing some personal moments with you, from my wife’s Sunday soup to the passing of my dad,” said Wallace on his show. “Well, I have something new to tell you about. Something sad: last week, we had to put our beloved yellow Labrador, Winston, to sleep.”

Many viewers commented on the Fox News broadcast, saying it was unprofessional for Chris to announce his dog’s death, even if the loss was “no less than a death in the family.”

Dori can’t help but empathize with Chris. He’s had to put down two dogs, Barney and Thelma-Lou, and he spoke emotionally about it on-air during his show as well.

“We can all relate to that, can’t we?”

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