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Governor Gregoire still won’t come on the Dori Monson Show

A Dori Monson Show listener who works for the State of Washington sent Dori a D-Mail to tell him that Governor Gregoire was going to pay a farewell visit to his office and host a Q&A session for the department’s employees.

The listener said he would ask the Governor if she would consider appearing on the Dori Monson Show after her term is up.

Governor Gregoire, who has long abstained from commenting on the show after Dori accused her of lying about raising taxes, said she would not appear on the show.

The Governor’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment by phone and email.

Here is the listener’s letter, with his description of events:

I don’t think she liked me asking her that question J Her answer, and I quote, was “No. Not only no, but hell no!” She said that you don’t operate with any morals and that you have selectively edited her conversations with you, for your benefit. She finished it all off by saying “and I feel good about that!”

Not that I was expecting any different answer. I’m sure you weren’t either. I do wish we were recording the meeting, because I think the audio would have been priceless for you. I know there were a couple photographers circling around and taking pictures, including one of me asking the question, but I couldn’t find it to attach to the email for you.

Gregoire also said a couple things that took me by surprise.

1. She said that the only reason we implemented LEAN practices in the state was because we were “forced to.” She whined about having to cut the budget, and that LEAN principles were implemented AFTER the budget cut as a way of minimizing the felt effects of the cuts. As a taxpayer, I find this appalling. Why are we (the state) not doing EVERYTHING to save as much money as possible.

2. She eluded to the fact that the dems are going to challenge the 2/3 vote to raise taxes in the courts. She believes this measure is unconstitutional; and many of my coworkers, to my utter surprise (sarcasm), agreed.

3. And the most shocking thing… She stated that Washington State’s residents account for 5% of the population of these United States account for 50% of the healthcare costs to Medicare and Medicaid. Have you heard these statistics? If this is true, we either have, by far, the worst health in the country, there is massive waste in this state, or there is massive fraud!

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