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Exclusive: Katt Williams fan to sue over microphone assault at Seattle show

Comedian Micah "Katt" Williams' troubles with the law have spilled into Seattle. (AP Photo/file - Coweta County Sheriff Dept.)

A fan of Micah “Katt” Williams says he’s going to sue after the troubled comedian attacked him with a microphone during a performance Friday night at Seattle’s Paramount Theater.

In an exclusive interview with the Dori Monson Show, Carlos Castro says he was shooting a few pictures and video with his phone from his seat in the third row when the incident happened.

Castro insists he didn’t see any signs prohibiting photography and figured it was ok.

“I saw everybody taking pictures and videos so I started taking pictures. As a very big fan of Katt Williams, of course I wanted a picture of him. I wanted to get a video of him,” he says.

But Williams had other ideas. The comedian stopped his act and stormed off the stage right to where Castro and his friends were sitting.

“Everybody said ‘uh,oh’,” Castro says.

But he never could have imagined what would happen next.

“He came down past the third row to the fourth row exactly behind where I was and smacked me in the head with the microphone.”

Castro says he was in shock. Dazed and with his head hurting, Castro headed for the lobby to get help. But Williams reportedly berated him further as he left.

“He said ‘go ahead and go home. Go home and get your gun. I have a concealed weapon too and I’m not afraid to use it. I’ll be here all night, don’t worry,'” Castro claims Williams said.

Castro says he immediately found a couple of police officers, who “just kind of ignored it,” until a manager got involved and confirmed he had a pretty big bump on his head where Williams whacked him. But he says despite filling out an incident report they refused to arrest the comedian.

“It was just like they didn’t seem to care at that point,” he says.

Castro claims his doctor diagnosed him with a concussion. He says he plans to sue the comic for the head injury and assault.

“I didn’t know how hard it is to get hit in the head and not be able to go to sleep knowing that one side of your head hurts so much,” he tells Dori.

Williams doesn’t have a picture or video of the alleged assault, saying he stopped recording as the comedian approached and he wasn’t sure what was happening. But he is sure of one thing: he’s no longer a fan.

“Hell no. Absolutely not. I mean what he did is absolutely not right,” Castro says.

Another listener of the Dori Monson Show says he was sitting several rows behind Castro and confirms Williams hit him hard with the microphone.

“Katt came to our row in a rage and stepped on my cousin and his wife to get behind Carlos. Then with mic in hand he cocked back and took a baseball swing and struck Carlos in the back of the head with the mic very hard,” the listener, who’s identity we’re concealing at his request, says in an email. “He then made his way out of the row and back to the stage using some profanities to describe what happens when you record him.”

The listener says he spotted rap impressario Suge Knight, Williams manager, send a “goon” over after the assault to talk to them.

“He sits down in an empty seat behind me and asks me ‘are you the guy Katt hit?’ I told him no and that the guy Katt hit was sitting in the empty seat in front of us and that he had left. He then asked me if it was “my boy”, and I told him I did not know the guy. He then got up and went back over to Suge Knight and they had another conversation. He then came back over to me a second time and said, “If that’s your boy we want to get a little paper to him”.

The listener says “there was no way I was going to take money from this thug goon or Suge Knight and have them follow me after the show to get it back.”

The incident was just one of several during Williams’ Seattle stay.

Seattle police say the 41-year-old was arrested Sunday after he got into an argument with patrons at the World Sports Grille near 9th Avenue N. and Westlake.

Police say Williams exchanged words with patrons, and threatened the manager with a pool cue. Police also report he flicked a lit cigarette through a car window and then threw a rock at the car.

He also angered fans by failing to show up for his scheduled show Thursday at the Paramount.

Williams was reportedly bailed out of jail Monday morning, with Knight footing the bill, TMZ reports.

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