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Seattle trolls: Locals say they live in one of the ugliest cities

Are Seattle residents trolls? A recent survey by Travel and Leisure Magazine says yes. ( Photo/File)

Travel and Leisure Magazine’s website has just released it’s city rankings for the year, designating Seattle as one of the cities with the least attractive residents.

The poll asked visitors and residents to rank 35 cities from most attractive to least attractive. Among visitors, Seattle was ranked 22nd, below New York City, Dallas, and Honolulu, but ranked as having more attractive people than Portland, Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Anchorage.

Among Seattle residents, however, Seattle scored an abysmal 32 for attractiveness, below both Portland and Anchorage, the latter being long-reputed as the worst dressed city in the country.

“They asked the people in each city, ‘how attractive do you consider yourself to be?'” says Dori.

Dori agrees with the bad rankings. He thinks it all comes down to how well you take care of yourself, and that many people in Seattle don’t care how they look.

“I would say, and I’ve mentioned before, that I think Seattle people are pretty unattractive. And I’m a Seattle native,” says Dori. “We’re so interested in being natural and granola, that we don’t mind having guys with the long, gray ponytails.”

Some say that Seattle can’t be judged fairly since we have such cold, wet weather, comparing the Emerald City to Los Angeles and other warm cities that are ranked in the top 10. But Dori sees men and women in cold cities like Chicago and New York who bundle up but still look fantastic.

News anchor Maura Gallucci was surprised at the terrible score that some people gave their fellow Seattleites, since Seattle is such an active city: Seattle was ranked as the 6th most athletic city in the country this year.

Producer Jake, who went to college in Honolulu, thinks the list is a realistic assessment of our city.

“The average person you run into in Hawaii is going to be [good looking] – they’re out in the sun all the time, they have a bright outlook on life, they’re smiling,” says Jake. “Look at the weather outside right now. We make ugly people.”

Dori wants you to decide. Take our poll: are Seattleites really ugly?

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