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Dori and Sheriff John Lovick fry turkeys for a cause

Update: All turkeys have been sold! Thank you so much for supporting our efforts.

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means it’s time to bid on one of Dori and Sheriff John Lovick’s delicious deep-fried turkeys!

This year we’re taking donations for these delicious birds on a first-come, first-served basis, starting at a minimum donation of $250. Just email social media captain Jillian Raftery at to place your bid and she’ll make sure you have all the information you’ll need.

See photos from last year’s Turkey Fry

The tradition started about twelve years ago when Dori announced on-air that he thought a deep-fried turkey would be an awful Thanksgiving entree. John Lovick, at the time a Washington State Trooper and legislator, called in and set Dori straight.

This year we’re deep frying eight turkeys for a good cause; it’s a great way to kick off your holiday season and a delicious way to do good.

Sheriff Lovick and Dori will be frying up some turkeys on Thanksgiving Eve and they’ll wrap up the birds in high-gauge plastic so they can be reheated easily in your oven the next day. You’ll pick up your turkey here, at KIRO Radio offices between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and you can make your checks out directly one of our selected charities.

This year, Dori and Sheriff Lovick will split proceeds between Farestart, an organization that trains homeless and disadvantaged individuals to work in restaurants, or a Snohomish County battered women’s shelter.

If you already have a turkey that you want to cook or don’t want to buy one of ours, you can still contribute to our cause. You can make out a check to Farestart and send it to our offices here at 1820 Eastlake Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102.

Don’t believe that a deep-fried turkey can be better than an oven-cooked bird? Here’s Sheriff John Lovick’s recipe:

(If you are planning on cooking a deep fried turkey, please be very cautious and remember: safety first.)

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1 medium-chopped onion

6-8 cloves garlic

6 tablespoons mild hot sauce

1 tablespoon prepared mustard

4 tablespoons seasoning salt

2 cups water

1 turkey, thawed

Make the marinade by mixing Worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic and hot sauce in blender until liquefied. Add prepared mustard, seasoning salt and water. Dry turkey inside and out. With a meat injector, inject half a cup of marinade in both sides of breast, then inject in legs, thighs, and wings. Season the turkey with a pinch of cayenne pepper, to taste.

Meanwhile, heat 5 gallons of peanut oil to 350 degrees.

Warning: Do NOT overfill the cooker with oil as it can spill over the edge when you insert the turkey. This can cause an oil fire.

Slowly lower turkey into oil. Cook for three-and-a-half minutes per pound of turkey. Turkeys will get golden brown. Remove from oil and allow to cool for half an hour.

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