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Do you owe your spouse a hot body?

Should Holly Petraeus, the general's wife, have done a better job maintaining her appearance? Is that a valid excuse for infidelity? (

Some of Dori’s listeners have been saying it’s no wonder that General David Petraeus cheated on his wife. She has let herself go and is ‘frumpy’ while he maintains a strict fitness regime.

So Dori poses the question: Do you owe your spouse at least an effort to maintain your appearance?

(Dori stresses that no one on the show believes Petraeus was OK to cheat on his wife, or any other man for that matter.)

This isn’t about Petraeus, says Dori, it’s about the 40-year-old guy who wrote in to the show and said that he works out four days a week and he’s attracted to the women at the gym. He says he’d never act on it, but he resents that his wife doesn’t seem to care about her appearance.

The next question is how far you stretch outside of your own comfort zone to appease someone. Another woman wrote into the show to say she colors her hair and works out, but feels ridiculous wearing a lot of make-up. Is the next step plastic surgery?

Dori refers to Bruce Jenner and other celebrities who look comical after plastic surgery and says he’s not suggesting that route. But he does think it’s a good idea to hit the gym on a regular basis for both your spouse and yourself.

“I don’t understand people who are younger letting themselves go. We only have one shot at this life.”

Dori also points out that it’s a fact men are attracted to the physical attributes of a woman while women are attracted to a powerful man.

In the end, Dori just believes it’s a fascinating topic of conversation. Keep it going.

What you’re saying on Facebook:

Kelly West Is meaningless what she looks like, hello… Tiger Woods wife?

Tammi Graham David Petraeus is no “looker” himself! How many of us look the same as we did 20-30 years ago?! This is NO excuse for an affair!

Linda Vizzare We have no idea what kind of marriage the General and Mrs. Petraeus have had behind close doors for the last 30 plus years. This is a poor excuse for bad behavior. If this how some would justify this explain why Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston. She must of let herself go by gaining a pound!!!

Andy Sytsma I believe we should keep ourselves up first for yourself then your spouse. Do the best you can! I have changed my diet as well as my wife and we workout.

Amani Runako Moss I about choked on my coffee when I saw the Mrs!! sheesh! However it’s a sad situation all the way around. No one deserves to be cheated on.

Daniel Gedutis the whole thing about all these high-ranking officials having affairs: It does not matter if their wives are attractive or not, it is about who they are spending time with.

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