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Dori survives one foul flight

Dori Monson learned the hard way there is indeed something worse than simply being stuck in the middle seat. (AP image)

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle seat of an airplane. Or so Dori Monson thought, until he found out how it could be way more miserable.

Dori says he was flying to Phoenix over the weekend with his youngest daughter to tour Arizona State University. But soon after takeoff, he wasn’t sure if he would survive the flight. Suffice it to say, the big guy next to him was slightly “explosive.”

“There was a guy next to the window. I am not exaggerating this for radio purposes,” Dori told producer Jake as he recounted his olfactory ordeal. “The most flatulent man I have ever sat next to on an airplane.”

Dori was trapped for the nearly three hour flight. The little air vent above was no match.

“It was just awful, and then about 45 minutes into the flight he fell sound asleep and he was a big snorer, too.”

The only saving grace was the flatulence seemed to subside while the guy snoozed. Unfortunately, the respite was short lived.

“All of a sudden, here it comes again. Oh my goodness gracious I wanted to die.”

Somehow, Dori mustered the strength to survive. From attending a Phoenix Suns game to lovely campus tour, everything else came up roses. But given how strongly the sense of smell is linked to memory, Dori won’t be forgetting his foul flight anytime soon.

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