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Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee on Election Eve

Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna have run a long and contentious campaign - and it's almost over. (AP Photo/File)

Both Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee appeared on the Dori Monson Show Monday.

McKenna says it’s going to be a close election, but that he will win it.

“We’re not going to know until the end of the week or maybe next week because there are so many ballots that aren’t going to be counted by tomorrow night.”

Listen to Rob McKenna’s full interview

No surprise, Inslee also sounded sure he’ll win the election and be our next governor. One thing the two did agree on was there will be no new taxes.

“My plan is very specific. It does not propose or support tax increase in general taxes, except for closing some of the loopholes about some of the corporations,” Inslee said.

Listen to Jay Inslee’s full interview

And McKenna?

“We’re not going to raise taxes in Olympia. The voters are going to have to look at a transportation package and decide if they want to approve transportation funding. Unless it’s voters approved, it’s not going to leave my desk with a signature on it.”

Our special election coverage begins Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m.

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