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Katy Perry vs. Meatloaf on the campaign trail


Some people are a bit embarrassed on behalf of Mitt Romney, whose recent campaign rally in Ohio was overshadowed by rocker Meatloaf’s terrible rendition of America the Beautiful.

Meatloaf, standing next to Mitt Romney, looks like he hardly knows the words to the song as he shouts the lyrics.

Katy Perry, on the other hand, performed at a rally for President Obama in Las Vegas. She showed off a skin-tight dress made to look like a ballot that had Barack Obama’s name checked off.

Show host Dori Monson says that both Mitt Romney and President Obama were trying to look cool to young voters.

“Once again, we’ve got young voters still trying to make up their mind maybe,” says Dori, “Some are seeing cute Katy Perry in her Lycra dress and some are seeing this big fat sweaty Meatloaf.”

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