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Dori offers erotic Diet Coke


A German liquor company is offering booze that has been poured over a model’s naked breasts before bottling. (Read more)

“Every single drop” has been “run over the breasts of a special type of woman.”

So Dori is offering you Diet Coke that has been poured over himself. His will probably be a much cheaper product than G-Spirits’, which will run you $152 to $177.


The company’s founder says he came up with the idea when he heard of a line of vodka filtered through diamonds. But he says, “for us there is nothing more than the eroticism of a beautiful woman.”

Apparently, he hasn’t seen the photo taken on Friday.

What you’re saying about Dori’s photo on Facebook:

Mark Schneider I think I just threw up a little

Christopher Oatley you could have least shaved your chest first, diet coke with chest hair in it, yek!!!

Joy Teague Matienzo hilarious. gotta love dori

Blue Lytes Not on your life…..for either beverage.

Silvestre Cruz in the words of Charles Barkley, “Turrible turribleturrible knucklehead turrible.”

Chris Schairer This is beyond wrong. Ballard is disowning Dori.

Lora Johnson Keep being original Dori – those of us with a sense of humor love it!! To answer your question NO I would not buy that beverage!

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