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You Be the Jury: Can we make fun of this 11-year-old?

Harper Gruzins, 11, is obviously pretty proud of her
rendition of the
National Anthem she sang at a FC Dallas and Los Angeles
Galaxy game on Saturday.

But goodness, it’s ear shattering.

So is 11-years-old too young to be made fun of?

What you’re saying on Facebook.

Travis L. Eberle She put herself out there in a
public position, plus the agent, management and other
elements means she’s: Fair Game.

Robert Charles Yager I think it’s better then
Stephen Tyler’s rendition, and probably a lot of other
performers who somehow make money off their voices.

Melissa De Andrade Oh my god! This sounds horrible!
Please stop playing this. Dori made his point already!

Rich Fetro I cringed though the whole thing. Who
the heck told her she should do this? What were they

Jesse Schweizer OHHHH!! AUTOTUNE IT!

Jay Black My dog jumped out of the window when you
played it… Tail between her legs and yipping all the way
down the street until she jumped into the water. Just her
nose it’s exposed.

Lisa Edwards This is why every stadium needs a trap
door underneath the performers of the National Anthem. If
you go past 2 minutes, the door opens, and that’s al she

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