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In wake of Colorado shooting, Occupy protester goes too far

WARNING: Video includes offensive language.

When a protester in Seattle dressed as a clown accosted
Seattle police during a “Bring the Fight to the Banks”
rally, the timing was suspect at best, dangerous at worst.
Dori Monson calls it nothing short of “despicable.”

In a video of the demonstration, you can see the
protester pointing an umbrella at officers like a rifle
and acting as if he was shooting them.

“This is absolutely unbelievable. I don’t know that
I’ve ever instantly detested somebody the way I do this
guy in this video,” Monson says.

At a time when the entire nation was on edge over the
Colorado shootings, some were linking the gunman to the
Joker character from the Batman movies.

Monson says officers showed exceptional restraint not to
respond as the protester got in the face of several
officers, shouted obscenities and made racial taunts,
repeatedly calling them “fascist

“You don’t know if somebody who looks and acts this
crazy if their next act is going to be to try to run you
through with the tip of the umbrella,” Monson says.

The video has gotten minimal coverage, overshadowed by
the major news of the day. Monson calls that a crime.

“The fact that not every media outlet in the city is
heralding the restraint of these Seattle Police Officers,
these guys are unbelievable,” Monson says.

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