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Researchers: Dads are like, so embarrassing

Kids say dads are the most embarrassing parent because of
their lack of style and the car they drive, according to

Everything from nerdy glasses and wearing socks with
their sandals made the list. And most kids say they’re
pretty sure dear old dad thinks he’s cool.

To avoid being seen with dad, kids request to be dropped
off around the corner or skip hanging out after school if
they know dad is home. Some kids even went so far to say
they’d completely ignore their dads if they saw him in

We’re betting the researchers were a bunch of moms hoping
their husbands agree to a makeover.

This dad took it to the extreme and filmed his kid trying
to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans. He makes him squat
and do a turn. Not sure who should be the embarrassed one.

NOTE: The man who saved a 7-year-old in the video posted
below is a dad…probably an embarrassing one too.

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