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Are Dreamers really the right candidates to expel from the US?

Should you be punished for the mistakes of your parents? Let’s say your father was an alcoholic or your mother stole things. Should you also be put in jail for their actions when you’re say 15 or 20 years old?

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The obvious answer is no in this instance. But is it different when it comes to the children of illegal immigrants? Well, that’s where it get sticky.

I can definitely see the logic behind the argument that if the parent is illegal, then the child is illegal. It’s a classic thinking behind the fruit of a poisoned tree argument. OK, fair enough. Let’s think about how this would actually work.

To begin with, these 800,000 people have been jerked around quite a bit. They have been told, “don’t worry, the US government is not out to get you.” Then Barak Obama wrote an executive order to try and nudge this program along. He knew he couldn’t get a law passed. Then the current president also told them they had nothing to worry about and that he would take care of them. So right out of the gate, just the rhetoric has been a constant flip flop for 800,000 insecure young people.

Next, how does this get done? Do you want ICE agents to burst into school classrooms and arrest suspected DREAMERS? Too harsh? OK, should the agents wait for school to let out, or knock on their door at night? Maybe just ask the 800,000 to turn themselves in? That should go well.

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Then, because this is America, people have the right to due process, correct? So these immigrant families will have to lawyer up and fight the Justice Department to try and stay and contribute in the only country they have known. Remember, these are people who grew up here, who speak English, and who have no criminal record.

So after some kind of hearing, a judge determines that, in fact, they are the child of a parent that is not a US citizen. That judge then deports the child back to a country that they are unfamiliar with? The judge fractures this family to accomplish what exactly? Send them back to a country that they haven’t lived in since they were toddlers? Does that make sense?

What is the downside to having 800,000 young, ambitious, and hard working people become part of our country? What is wrong with giving them a chance? Of all the people you could target to expel from the United States, are these the best candidates?

Isn’t America suppose to be a melting pot?

What are we talking about here?

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